Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Complete VNA and other agencies?

We are locally owned and operated by a nurse that is an active member in her community. All of our cases are opened by a nurse and are directly supervised by a licensed care manager to ensure our client’s needs are being met.

Will I get to interview a Caregiver?

No, the purpose of our nurses opening a case is to meet the client and family one-on-one to establish a relationship and understand personality traits. This way we can pair the client with a Caregiver that will be the best fit. If for whatever reason the client and Caregiver are not a good match, we will happily replace that Caregiver.

What are the duties of the Caregiver?

Each client is different and depending upon the care plan, we can determine what is needed for that client. We offer Skilled Nurses that fill Medicine sets, oversee care of the Caregiver, can perform some licensed procedures, psychiatric evaluations for safety and insurance evaluations.

How is the Caregiver selected?

Upon employment all Caregiver’s are background checked, screened, bonded and licensed to ensure they are qualified. All employees are interviewed to rate their level of expertise and are required to have at least six months experience specifically in elderly care.

Is there a minimum amount of hours required?

There are no minimum hours or obligations. We can provide two hours a week or up to 24 hours a day care. We are here for you to provide you comfort and help in your home with a schedule that satisfies your needs.

How much notice do you need before care begins?

We can open a case the day you need the service although we recommend at least 24-hour notice to be able to plan the course of care more effectively.